CFACT University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Goes Canoeing!

Recently, CFACT University of Arkansas, Fayetteville took some time off from their studies to spend the day on a river  in Missouri canoeing.

Larami Burge, the group chair decided to organize the adventure in order to get her executive board some quality time in the great outdoors. The group’s 6 hour voyage began with a water moccasin siting near its nest. Several students were a bit nervous about the snake but decided to just keep rowing. There are plenty of snakes in the water this year because of a very mild winter, which allowed for an extended water moccasin mating season.

Further down the river the students encountered innumerable turtles, birds, and others types of wildlife.

Along the river the students also took time to pause and lay on the beach, try out several tree swings, jump from rock formations and cool down.

The event was a huge success. CFACT Arkansas is looking forward to their next event, bird watching. Specifically, students will be looking for mockingbirds -the state bird of Arkansas!