CFACT-UMN Chapter Wins ‘Best Student Group’ Award

UNM "Best Student Group" GRAPEVINE Award

'Best Student Group' Award

Congratulations to the CFACT chapter at the University of Minnesota for winning the “Best Student Group” Grapevine Award!

Every year the campus newspaper, The Minnesota Daily, conducts their annual ‘Grapevine Awards’.  The Minnesota Daily describes their awards here, “Grapevine Awards is The Minnesota Daily’s annual “Best-Of” issue. It allows the student body to vote on their favorite U of M businesses that are then featured in our Grapevine Awards as the best of the U of M community.”

The Minnesota Daily described CFACT in the winner’s issue:

“Collegians For a Constructive Tomorrow, a student group with global ambitions, takes up lofty causes. Now voted best student group, CFACT asks questions like “What threatens our future?” Recent earthquakes in Japan and the devastation surrounding nuclear power plants make groups like CFACT increasingly relevant, informing students about the consequences of human impact on the earth.

With a positive message, the group educates students on issues related to wildlife, global climate change and clean air and water. Such issues are unfortunately likely to grow more important with the world’s rising population. Looking toward the future, the group cites science and technology as ways to solve our environmental problems.”

Once again, congrats to CFACT Chapter President Alex Miller and his golden gopher group!