CFACT Texas A & M Celebrates Constitution Day While Administrators Attack Original Intent

Constitution Day at Texas A & M

Constitution Day at Texas A & M

Texas A&M Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) and the Aggie Conservatives are offering a perspective not often promoted on college campuses: a strict reading of the Constitution based on the Founding Fathers’ original intent.

The two groups did so by distributing pocket Constitutions, passing out Constitution factsheets, and rallying with handmade posters on Constitution Day, Friday September 16, 2011.

Constructive points of view are becoming rare on the campuses of America’s public universities, which are required to honor Constitution Day. However, most universities now use this requirement as an opportunity to impress a leftist worldview onto naive students. Texas A&M – a university thought by many to be conservative – is no exception.

While CFACT and TAC were honoring the constitution Texas A&M administrators were busy broadcasting Original Intent: The Battle for America, a documentary “arguing that the far right is using originalism as a cover to advance a radically conservative political agenda.”

The university also honored the Constitution during halftime at the football game – likely a ploy to keep influential conservative donors under the impression that the university administration is still promoting a traditional conservative worldview.

Despite leftist administrators TAC and CFACT members stepped up to offer a constructive teaching of the Constitution. On Tuesday evening, after learning how to make signs for success, CFACT students prepared for the Constitution rally by creating engaging posters with clever catch phrases such as:

“The Constitution: Frustrating the left since 1787”

“No evolution for my Constitution”

“R.I.P. Constitution, 1787-2008”

“Aggie math: Constitution > Obama”

These posters helped to draw attention to the activism and allowed CFACT students to inform others about the dangers of a “living” Constitution, government growth, and excessive federal regulations. CFACT students also exposed overreaching environmental policies that threaten our economic well-being, including the upcoming ban on incandescent light bulbs.

By Justin Pulliam

Constitution Day at Texas A&M

Constitution Day at Texas A&M