CFACT Texas A&M Human Sandwich Board

CFACT Sandwich Board

CFACT Sandwich Board

Texas A&M CFACT Chairman Justin Pulliam recently took things to the quad as a human sandwich board.

“Global Warming is Pseudo-Science. Join CFACT!”

While ensconsed in truth Mr. Pulliam took an informal poll:

“Do you believe in global warming?” He asked. To his surprise 62% of the 200 students surveyed claimed to be “Believers,” 31 percent “Deniers,” and 7% “unsure.”

Mr. Pulliam had alternative motives for his poll however. If a student claimed to be a “Believer” he followed up with second question:

“Do you Believe in the Easter Bunny?”

Apparantly 80% of those surveyed who believed in Global Warming also believed in the Easter Bunny.

If the student turned out ot be a “Denier” then Justin recruited them for CFACT! These 62 new recruits also got a party invitation.

Just after Spring Break CFACT Texas A&M is planning to throw a Global Warming Beach Party to ring in summer! Apparantly the prospect of missing out on a College Station beach party as well as the current 20 degree weather turned several Global Warming believers into staunch deniers -great work Justin!