CFACT Talks Nuclear Power at GSU

On Thursday CFACT traveled to Statesboro, Georgia to spend some time on the campus of Georgia Southern University.  Due to GSU’s proximity to the Hatch Nuclear Power Plant in Baxley, Georgia, CFACT decided to talk energy and see what the student on campus thought about using nuclear energy in Georgia.


The response was overwhelmingly positive. 61% of the students CFACT surveyed said they supported the use of nuclear energy in Georgia, while only 18% said they were against using nuclear energy. Many students believed the economic benefits nuclear energy offer are simply too great to ignore. Many of the students who were undecided (23%) agreed that nuclear energy has many potential benefits for the state of Georgia.

For some students, the nuclear energy question is much more personal. Several students CFACT spoke with have a personal connection to nuclear energy. One student CFACT spoke with has a father who works at Georgia Power, and he told CFACT “I definitely support nuclear power, my dad works at Georgia Power, and nuclear is so much better than solar.” Another student’s dad works at the Hatch Nuclear Plant, while other students hope to go into the field once they graduate.

Nuclear power has a lot to offer Georgia, and a majority of the students at GSU support its continued use.