CFACT Talks Free Market Environmentalism at Lindenwood University

2015-10-22 13.32.19CFACT continued to work with schools in the Saint Louis area by stopping by Lindenwood University. It was great to continue the work started with students last year! We spent the day interacting with Lindenwood student all across campus, and many of them were interested in what we had to say.

Students were very curious about CFACT’s unique approach to protecting the environment, and others were quite excited to learn there are ways to protect the environment without having to rely on big government. The free market is truly a powerful tool and competition, which leads to innovation, is one of the hallmarks of the free market system.  What the environment needs is more innovation, not more regulation.2015-10-22 14.45.08

Even those students who are normally opposed to liberty minded ideas were open to CFACT’s ideas. “It’s really important that we protect the earth,” said one student, “even if we don’t agree on politics we can agree helping the environment is important.” The environment is an issue both sides of the political spectrum truly care about… even though we often have greatly different ideas of how to go about it.