CFACT students tune in for worldwide premiere of Climate Hustle 2

Yesterday, in the midst of the worldwide premiere of CFACT’s new, groundbreaking documentary “Climate Hustle 2”, several CFACT students took the opportunity to organize their clubs and attend the virtual premiere. Though they were not able to attend at one of the over 700 theatres originally designated to host the event due to COVID-19 restrictions, students across the country gathered together in homes and dorm rooms to learn the vital information put forward in this groundbreaking documentary.

Students at Miami University-Ohio, George Mason, and Hartford tune in for the premiere.

When asked for comment, the students raved about the film. “Global warming has become a new religion”, said Jesse Wooten of Central Florida. Jesse went on to add the film will teach you a lot about how the left has lied about climate change. Kara Howey, from Trenton High School in Michigan, said that everyone at her viewing party was impressed and loved being able to get together and learn about the left’s corruption on the Climate Change issue. David Bucarey at George Mason remarked, another CFACT student, said the movie was “funny and interesting” to learn about celebrity hypocrisy on climate change, which the film documents thoroughly.

All in all, Climate Hustle 2 was a great first event for the semester. Many clubs were excited to organize their seminal event for the semester, and are looking forward to doing more events with CFACT as our campaigns roll out this upcoming semester.