CFACT Students Raise Energy Poverty Awareness at Saint Cloud State University

Energy poverty is a huge issue very few people have heard about here in the United States. We take electricity for granted and almost everything we do depends on it. Many are oblivious to the 1.3 billion people who lack access to electricity on our planet.

CFACT students at Saint Cloud State University wanted to let other students know about this huge issue, so they decided to do Energy Poverty: Fact or Fiction and an energy poverty pledge drive on their campus. Many students at Saint Cloud State were surprised to learn how many people lacked electricity. One student said, “I had no idea 1.3 billion people lacked electricity. I know some people lacked electricity, but I can’t wrap my head around that huge number of people.” Other students voiced similar feelings.

CFACT’s Energy Poverty Pledge also garnered a lot of attention, with many students pledging to go one hour this week without electricity. However, some students couldn’t bring themselves to sign the pledge. “I really want to sign, but I know I can’t do it. I am always plugged in, and I know I can’t go an hour without electricity. I am dependent on it.” Electricity is a very important resource. It allows us to achieve remarkable feats, but it is also something 1.3 billion people lack. CFACT students, by raising awareness of this massive problem, are hoping to start the process of fixing this huge issue.