CFACT Students organize hike at the beautiful Pokagon State Park!

Hello CFACT Nation!

At the beginning of the year, we promised our audience that we would launch a hard-hitting, nationally-geared field campaign dedicated to mobilizing college kids and fighting the environmentalist left in ways we never have before.  

We’re CFACT. We deliver on our promises. 

This past week, CFACT’s National Field Coordinator, Bob Knee, trekked out to Angola, IN to hike in the Pokagon State Park with CFACT’s Driessen Fellows at THE Ohio State University. Led by their fearless leader, Konrad, the Ohio State boys drove all the way out from Columbus, OH to hike in the beautiful Pokagon State Park. Much like the libertarian archetype Ron Swanson, they fought for free market principles in a state park, not in the fictional town of Pawnee, but in the real small town of Angola. 

The hike could NOT have gone better. Pokagon State Park is a beautiful park with eye-catching foliage and lovely flora and fauna. CFACT students even made a furry friend on the trip: along the way, they encountered a friendly squirrel!

CFACT students enjoy a leisurely hike at the Pokagon State Park

After the hike, Bob, Konrad and the CFACT students made their way back to the AirBNB the students had rented to hear two presentations. One was from Bob, and the other was from Jonathan Beshears, an advisor to the club. Johnathan talked in his talk about the free-market benefits of thorium power, as well as its national security implementations and how it could ultimately benefit the third world. Bob gave a presentation on sustainable capitalism as part of his ‘Capitalism is Sustainable!’ campaign. In that presentation, he talked about how the free market was the best way forward to protect environmental concerns, how limited government helps the environment, and how private businesses can do more to preserve nature than bloated government ever can.

As promised, CFACT is in the process of launching a groundbreaking national field campaign devoted to taking on the Left and providing resources for students to learn the TRUTH about the environment. As I said before, when CFACT makes a promise, we deliver.

If you’d like to learn how sustainable capitalism can benefit the environment, please visit the link here

If you’d like to host a speaker on your campus this semester, please reach out and we would be happy to accommodate your request!