CFACT students are on the beat: Catholic U intern publishes op-ed on Ukraine, energy crisis

As I’m sure you are well aware, tensions in Eastern Europe have recently been running high. The Russian Federation has declared war on Ukraine, and the Ukrainians, along with the help of various neighbors such as Poland and Hungary, and with the outside support of the US and other allies, have been waging a brutal defense of their homeland. The ramifications of this war have been felt far and wide: Russia has been removed from SWIFT, Ukraine has been fast-tracked for E.U. membership, and gas prices here in America (though they had been rising since the new Administration came to power) have skyrocketed.

The military and intelligence aspects of this conflict have been constantly and consistently reported. However, examining how this conflict affects our environment and the energy world is important as well. Never fear, loyal fans; CFACT is on the case! One of our top Driessen Fellows, Joseph Frederick at Catholic University, published an op-ed in ‘The Tower’, Catholic University’s premier student newspaper. In the op-ed, Joe offered a critical examination of how the conflict further exacerbates Europe’s energy crisis, and highlights how much control the green movement has inadvertently ceded to Russia concerning Europe’s sovereignty and integrity.

In the article, Joe highlighted how the construction of the Nordstream 2 pipeline specifically is a threat to Ukraine’s integrity. Joe quoted German Chancellor Olaf Schultz’s personal attorney, who stated that Ukraine was “right” to call the project a threat to their national security. Furthermore, Joe highlighted, “As long as the Nord Stream 2 project is allowed to continue, explicit action against Ukraine is not needed. Once the pipeline is constructed, Russia can supply western European countries with natural gas while commanding complete control of Ukraine’s supply of natural gas”. Joe drove the point home by stating that “If Russia is allowed uncontested control of Ukraine’s energy economy while separating it from the rest of Europe’s supply, then they could make uncontested demands of Ukraine. If Ukraine refuses, Russia may cut off the country from its supply, leaving the country crippled.”

We here at the national office are incredibly proud of Joe for doing such an impeccable job in covering this complex issue. We can’t wait to see what Joe and his friends have next in store, and we continue to pray for peace in Ukraine.

If you would like to read Joe’s op-ed, you may do so here.