CFACT Student Outreach @ University of Minnesota-Twin Cities


Today the CFACT chapter at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities chapter reached out to new students at the U of M Spring activities fair. CFACT students were eager to speak with students about CFACT’s unique approach to protecting the environment. Dozens of students stopped by the CFACT booth, and many shared CFACT’s desire to help the environment. Many students were interested in CFACT’s belief in using resources wisely and responsibly, and almost all of them agreed that the responsible use of resources here in the United States is by far superior to the irresponsible environmental practices used in many other countries.


University of Minnesota students were also excited to join CFACT in helping out the environment this coming semester. The students who visited the CFACT table were excited about the opportunities CFACT offers help to clean up the environment. Many are eager to participate in our upcoming Spring Mississippi River Clean-Up. Other students were interested in our other activities, like touring power plants and hosting speakers.


It wasn’t just students who visited the CFACT table. Goldy, the University of Minnesota mascot stopped by, and even spent a little bit of time at the CFACT table.