CFACT protests phoney green jobs

CFACT showed up to protest the BlueGreen Alliance’s Minneapolis press conference this past Thursday. The nationwide bus tour by the BlueGreen Alliance ‘ a combination of radical environmental and union pressure groups ‘ is calling on the government to provide more stimulus money for green jobs and the passing of cap and trade legislation.

CFACT students in Minnesota arrived to say no to more stimulus and no to job killing legislation such as cap and trade. The students passed out fact sheets that showed the results of government sponsored ‘green jobs’ in Spain. A study of Spain’s 8 year experience found that each green job cost the government $775,000 per job, nine of the ten jobs disappeared after a few years, and each ‘green’ job created by government killed 2.2 real jobs.

‘In this economy, the last thing we need are job killing policies and ideas like this,’ stated University Junior Wes Halseth. ‘The unemployment rate in this country is almost 10% and it is even worse for recent college grads.’

University Senior Sean Niemic was confused by the BlueGreen Alliance’s call for cap and trade and the notion of the bus tour, ‘Where is the bus? We’ve been here the whole time, walked around the block, checked a couple of parking lots and no bus! Found a couple of hybrids, but no bus!’

Niemic was more serious when discussing the BlueGreen Alliance’s call for cap and trade legislation saying, ‘I’m not surprised there aren’t many people here supporting them. Even the BlueGreen Alliance knows the people don’t cap and trade ‘ that’s why they are telling Congress to pass cap and trade in the lame duck session ‘ before the new Congress is seated, but after the voters have their say. Very sneaky.’

Halseth summed up the protest, ‘Obama has already spent $100 Billion on ‘green’ jobs. It is clearly not working and calling for more government spending is simply irresponsible.’

CFACT calls for solutions that are rooted in free market principles and rejects the command and control government policies being advocated by the BlueGreen Alliance.