CFACT protests GE CEO Jeff Immelt

Despite the horrendous congestion and parking, CFACTers came out to Boston College early this morning to show their disapproval of Jeff Immelt and the policies he promotes. Immelt was selected to be the keynote speaker at the graduation ceremonies, and CFACT wanted to help educate all in attendance about Immelt and why they should NOT follow in his footsteps. We don’t really understand why a college would be honoring Immelt; someone who pursues policies that destroy jobs, seeks government subsidies for ideas that fail in the marketplace, and supports liberal politicians who seek to expand government control of every aspect of society. Even a police officer directing traffic next to us disagreed with the college’s choice saying, “I don’t know why BC would pick someone like that guy to come here.”

Both students and concerned citizens teamed up and held signs saying things like, “Edison Invented…Immelt Lobbies”, and “BC is better than Immelt.” The majority of people entering the graduation were very positive, we received tons of thumbs up and honks in appreciation as well as people making positive verbal comments. Several parents were especially encouraged saying, “Immelt IS pick-pocketing us taxpayers!! Thanks so much for being out here today!” One older lady, clearly a grandmother of a graduating student, stopped mid-crosswalk and questioned us, yelling;”Wait! You LIKE this Immelt guy??” We explained that we disapprove of the fact that he promotes legislation like cap and trade, which, if passed would raise our taxes and have NO tangible benefits for the environment…yet HE would make a fortune. She was relieved and proceeded to give the sign holders a high five and thumbs up.

One young protester, Patrick, from downtown Boston, said he heard about the protest thanks to Facebook, and was glad to learn there was an organization like CFACT putting this kind of event on. “I have only recently got involved with grassroots stuff, whether its through tea party’s or whatever and everything I saw on Facebook was compelling and made me want to get out and join you all in exposing Immelt for what he really is.”

Thanks for everyone that joined us today, including the truck carrying the huge billboard “WANTED: Jeff Immelt, Carbon Schemer” sign! We passed out hundreds of flyers containing more details explaining the billboard as well. Check out the pics and see what a great event it was!