CFACT Policy Analyst Shakira Jackson takes part in L.I. event

Shakira Jackson, CFACT’s policy analyst, recently made a visit to the Leadership Institute’s September Wednesday Wake-Up Club Breakfast. John Koons, the Republican National Committee Director of Youth Engagement, headlined the gourmet breakfast buffet that engaged those involved with the conservative and libertarian movement. CFACT’s role is very much a part of this sector of current events as we strive to make allies with both movements. Jackson’s participation in this event was important as it helped understand our role in current events and how they may relate to these topics of interest.

Jackson meets an attendee.

Pertaining to an element that is very much a part of expanding our Driessen Fellows program, Jackson inquired as to why young adults are more reluctant in participating in current events. Citing research, she asked: “According to the PA youth vote network, in the 2020 election, 53 percent of citizens 18-24 voted, which is the lowest percentage of any group in Pennsylvania. How can we increase the civic participation of young conservatives and libertarians?”

Jackson in action.

A large portion of their hesitation could be due to social pressure as she speculated, “How can we get more young people to care about the power voting yields and convince others to do the same without cracking under the pressure of things like cancel culture etc.?” Jackson’s inquisitive efforts yielded beneficial answers that will help us better understand the plight lots of young people in the current political climate can overcome.

“We have to make young conservatives feel comfortable and secure about their party affiliation”, she learned.