CFACT National Field Coordinator appears as guest on ‘Those Other Girls’ podcast!

Over the past several weeks, CFACT has been busy promoting our new campaign about how capitalism is sustainable. We’ve been traveling throughout the country, talking to college students, and winning hearts and minds.

In an effort to promote the tour, CFACT’s National Field Coordinator, Bob Knee, appeared on Those Other Girls with Mallory and Friends, a podcast hosted by his old college friend, Mallory Finch.

Finch specifically asked about the Green New Deal. Noting that many of her followers are unaware of environmental political issues, she asked if there were any good qualities about it. “Let me cut to the chase on that one,” Knee responded “…there are no redeeming qualities about the Green New Deal.” He then went on to criticize the deal, calling it “nothing more than a trojan horse” for the left. The podcast is on track to gain well over 200 listens.

The episode covered a range of environmentally-themed topics. Bob calmly explained the definition of fracking and offered a defense of the procedure. He also explained why conservatives should care about the environment, and why big government is harmful to environmental interests. If you’d like to check the episode out for yourself, you can find the link here.

If you’d like to hear more about how capitalism is sustainable, or invite a speaker to your campus, please email [email protected]!