CFACT Launches REAL Energy Campaign

This past Monday, CFACT launched a new national collegiate education campaign, titled REAL Energy, Not Green Energy. The campaign is focused primarily on energizing college students throughout the country to get involved in the issues of energy. 

Recently, President Obama had decided to make issues surrounding energy production and the environment prudent for unprecedented executive action. He has proposed various measures, including an increase in carbon emissions regulations, the creation of a carbon tax, and more federal funding towards subsidization of renewable energy sources. President Obama’s initiatives not only violate the general principles of a free-market economy, but also threaten the future of job creation. As a result, businesses will be deeply affected by decreased energy production, and the already fragile job market for young Americans will become even more volatile.

This campaign provides the means by which students can promote REAL energy on their campus. These could include hosting events or speakers, conducting workshops to teach other students about specific issues, showing a documentary that promotes REAL Energy, or even starting a new CFACT chapter. Through grassroots efforts at the collegiate level, together we can build a coalition to call for REAL energy solutions.

You can sign up to receive more information about these issues and what CFACT is doing to fight on your behalf, by clicking here. 

Visit the campaign page to learn more and see how you can get involved in for a safe, secure, and more prosperous American future.