CFACT is Raking a Difference

Most students around this time are gearing up for finals. They’ve gotten past thanksgiving, and are looking forward to doing Christmas shopping, drinking some warm eggnog, and tackling their dreaded finals. Not our CFACT students! Although our students doubtlessly enjoyed the time off with their family, they were also hard at work, using their time off to fight for free market principles while keeping our Earth clean! In the meantime, the national staff spent the time planning for the upcoming semester!

In Michigan, CFACT’s youngest activist, Kara Howey, and her high school classmates decided to organize a volunteer effort to rake leaves! It was an excellent way to pass the time, a great way to get some exercise after what I’m sure was a delicious feast, and a fun way to socialize with friends while keeping the neighborhood clean. I’m sure their neighbors appreciated the free yard work, too!

“This weekend, different clubs throughout my high school raked 9 lawns for the elderly and disabled through our community service project, ‘Rake a Difference’.” Kara said, when she was asked for comment. “Fall in Michigan calls for lots of leaves, we were happy to make a difference in our community.”

This is just the first of the fun activism events we have in store for the upcoming future. CFACT has an excellent program coming up, and we can’t wait to unveil it for you all!