Addison Smith speaks at University of Houston!

Addison Smith addresses students.

CFACT’s newest chapter at the University of Houston has just started. They are barely a month old, but they have been hitting the ground running! Last month, they hosted CFACT’s national field coordinator, Bob Knee. Even more recently, they hosted Addison Smith, a conservative influencer and reporter for Campus Reform.

Addison was thrilled to be invited to this campus. Addison’s background is with Campus Reform. where he researches, investigates and reports liberal bias and abuse one college campuses. Addison travels to campuses around the country to film, edit and produce “Man on the street” style videos with college students, gathering their opinions on pressing issues. He manages and supervises all digital media content distribution throughout the company’s social media channels, he trains students around the country for media preparation and filming “Man on the street” videos. He has appeared on national news outlets to discuss and analyze hot-button campus developments.

CFACT’s newest Driessen Fellow Mikel Moore organized the events. The event boasted an impressive turnout, filling the audience of the room. “We were excited to see how many people were eager to turn out for this event!” He said, adding “We look forward to bringing more CFACT speakers to our campus in the future!”