CFACT Hits the road at Purdue!

Last month, CFACT kicked off a successful fall activism campaign. Our plan is to be operational and conduct events on all 19 of our campuses, and add even more names to that long and growing list. Though we always aim to branch out nationwide, the campaign started in a small town in Indiana called West Lafayette.

West Lafayette is the home of Purdue University. Purdue is a large, vibrant school beaming with energy, and the conservative activists there did not disappoint. CFACT’s National Field Coordinator, Bob Knee, and his trusty side-kick Rudolph, spent a full week in Indiana, meeting with college students, collecting signatures, and educating kids about environmentalism and what they can do to keep earth clean and keep America strong.

After several days of tabling and meeting with student leaders from CFACT-friendly organizations such as Turning Point USA and College Republicans, Bob also gave a detailed presentation during a club meeting about CFACT’S goals, history, and future. He also talked about how capitalism is the best way to promote and preserve environmental integrity, and the left’s big-government approach will ultimately fail.

Bob talked in great detail about sustainable capitalism. He used his speech to systematically undermine every single leftist talking point that the students had heard from friends and professors alike. “It’s always so funny…” he said afterwards “everyone is always shocked to find out how little the US contributes to the plastic waste in the ocean, and what US based companies are doing to clean it up.” Additionally, he calmed the students’ fears by stating that “Beto is wrong, the world will NOT end in twelve years” and that the best way to protect our environment, as well as endangered species, was to use a limited-government approach. “By utilizing the tools available under capitalism, we can solve all of our environmental problems without creating a bloated government bureaucracy that crushes individual freedom.”

“The students at Purdue could not possibly have been more receptive, and the good people of Indiana couldn’t have treated me better.” Knee remarked. “I can’t wait for my next trip back!”