CFACT GMO Poll at the University of Michigan

CFACT is continuing to raise awareness about GMOs on campuses across the country. CFACT’s most recent stop was in Ann Arbor to talk to students at the University of Michigan. We polled University of Michigan students and an overwhelming 67% of them said t2015-09-29 18.13.20 Crophey would consider supporting GMO crop’s if they used less pesticides than normal crops.

Many students were stunned to learn that GMO’s already use less pesticides than normal crops. Other students were equally surprised to discover being a GMO had nothing to do with pesticides, but instead referred to how the plant was bred (Recombinant DNA versus conventional breeding). “I thought GMO’s put more chemicals in the ground,” said one student, “I didn’t know they could keep them out of the ground.”

Hannah, a student who was passionate about GMO’s, said, 2015-09-29 17.21.08“If we can grow food that is more nutritious by using genetic modification we shouldn’t be afraid to do it. Especially if it means we use less land, less water, and less pesticides for farming.”

Another student said, “A lot of city slickers who love to buy organic food don’t understand that it isn’t as good for them as they think. I come from a farming community in northern Michigan, and we have no problem with genetically modified crops. They use a lot less pesticides than the ‘organic’ food grown elsewhere in the state.”

CFACT’s poll illustrates many of the problems people have with GMOs stem from a lack of knowledge about the topic. When the facts are revealed a large number of people are actually willing to support them, especially when they are beneficial for the environment.