CFACT Fredonia Earth Day Event

On Earth Day CFACT Fredonia put on an different event to shake things up. They showed the movie ‘Mine Your Own Business’. All week long the school had festivities to stop mining and the effects of mining on towns and cities. These were all filled with misconceptions about mining and the effects they have.

‘Mine Your Own Business’ showed the other side of the story. The students in attendance were amazed at how mining affected the lives of people all around the world. They felt pity for the characters and saw that mining actually betters the lives of people where the mine is. To see people excited for their mine in Madagascar and the hope it brings to them was something that they never see on this campus. The students in attendance felt a connection with George, the miner from Romania, and were highly entertained and intrigued by his journey and curiosity. To see George go across the world to see how other countries are prospering due to the mining operations, then go talk to people who were against them was a great example of how we assume what is best for others.

The one thing students did not expect to see was how the mining companies actually help and better the environments around them. To see how the rivers became polluted in Rosia Montana after the state run mine shut down. This was a blow to student’s perceptions and was an eye opener for them. To also see how in Madagascar how the mining company is now rebuilding the forests where the people there destroyed them because of the need for income.

To have an alternative like this on Earth Day, it was an exciting day for CFACT. There were numerous events that day on campus and the schools biggest events were held that day. To see students come out and have what they kept hearing all week be shown in a new light was a honor for CFACT.