CFACT fights political correctness at Mizzou!

“Hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here! I need some muscle over here!”

IMG_2430No, those are not the words of some mafia wise guy attempting to give some private eye the heeve-ho. Those are the words of mass communications professor Melissa Click, of the University of Missouri, Columbia. She was caught on camera trying to incite violence against a student simply for taking pictures of a protest occurring on Mizzou’s campus. In response, CFACT collegians thought Mizzou the perfect spot to begin their initiatives in support of freedom of speech and student expression.IMG_2422

In an ironic twist, CFACT students went to the campus “free speech circle” to garner signatures in support of free speech. The petition stated simply: “Yes! I support every student’s right to express themselves freely and voice their opinions on campus.”

“Yeah I’ll totally sign that,” remarked senior Cameron Olson. “It’s getting ridiculous. I hear some students are even trying to petition people to repeal the first amendment of the bill of rights. The founders put it first for a reason!”

IMG_2431“Freedom of expression is vital to a healthy student body,” said CFACT collegian and junior Nora Faris. “This was a good first effort in getting students engaged on how imperative the first amendment is to all our freedoms.”

CFACT activists are planning to interview their peers on the subject of free speech in a video soon. With how much attention the incident with Professor Click had received, collegians hope that they can make a similar impact on campus.

The petition drive was part of CFACT’s efforts to empower collegians to combat political correctness on college and university campuses across the United States.

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