CFACT expands into New Mexico with the launch of UNM Chapter!

This week CFACT expanded into a state known for it’s natural beauty, historic towns, and climate alarmism when it broke ground on its newest chapter at the University of New Mexico. Though usually known for promoting a “green environment” and endorsing the government’s mass annexation of thousands of acres of land. The students at the University of New Mexico are standing up against the green lie and saying yes to real energy. UNM student Vivianne Gonzalez, who hosted the event along with CFACT Southern Regional Director Graham Beduze said she was happy with the turnout but not surprised. “Students are tired of overpriced energy and strangulating regulation,”says Vivianne. “After attending CFACT’s 2016 Eco Summit I knew I had to start a chapter at the University of New Mexico.” Students in attendance came from all walks of life and interest groups. Some came from the conservative alliance at the University of New Mexico, a loose association of right leaning groups on campus. Others were outdoor enthusiast and came to hear CFACT’s message on environmental stewardship. Though they walked in with different goals and ideas in mind they left united in their cause to promote liberty and battle the green agenda’s lies against real energy.20161114_203113