CFACT Counters Bussed in Hypocrisy With Local Minnesotan’s Good Sense


August 25, 2010

Contact: Bill Gilles

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Blue-Green Bus Tour Shills for the Tax-Grabbing, Job-Killing Left:

CFACT Counters Bussed in Hypocrisy With Local Minnesotan’s Good Sense

(Minneapolis, MN) Minnesotans do not want the job and economy killing climate and energy bills that will profit a few, while doing nothing for our environment that are now stalled in Congress.

Every poll shows it and the politicians know it.

Yet here comes the ‘Blue-Green Bus Tour’ to town, bearing sad tidings of crippling energy costs, stifling regulations, crushing taxes, exported jobs, and a legacy of debt for our children.

The Blue-Green Coalition, comprised of labor unions and environmental pressure groups, has embarked on a ‘Job’s Not Done’ tour hoping to raise climate and energy legislation from the (mercifully) dead. There is a genuine danger that this legislation could rise again in a lame duck session, after politicians are safely past election day ‘ bypassing the will of the voters.

CFACT will be at CWA Local 7200 3521 E. Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN at 1:45pm this Thursday, Aug 25, to balance the Blue-Green propaganda with hard facts and some local Minnesota good sense.

‘The days when you could greenwash us into accepting any hidden agenda by appealing to our concern for the environment are over.’ Said Sean Niemic, a University of Minnesota senior. ‘This economy has forced us to open our eyes. Minnesotans like all Americans are paying attention now. We’re doing the math, checking behind the rhetoric and can see for ourselves that these people’s talk of so-called ‘green jobs’ global warming and eco-justice is really a red herring.’

‘Does anyone think we can afford to pay more for energy now?’ Asked Wes Halseth, a University of Minnesota Junior. ‘This is 21st century America. Abundant, affordable energy should be our goal. Union bosses are out of touch with reality if they think people want to trade in productive jobs making things that people value for phantom ‘green jobs’ propped up by subsidies, taxes and controls.’

High costs for electricity and fuel hit the poor the hardest and workers next. Big business will transfer production overseas and escape ‘ leaving working people out in the cold.

In Spain they found that for every ‘green job’ created with government money over the last eight years, 2.2 productive jobs were lost. Only one in 10 of the newly created green jobs became permanent. These jobs cost of $774,000 each. A recent Italian study shows similar results. After huge recent increases in public spending, these are not costs American workers or taxpayers can afford to bear.

‘People are getting rich from the taxes we pay.’ Said Alex Miller, a University of Minnesota Sophomore. ‘Scratch the Blue-Green surface and you’ll find union bosses, carbon traders and climate profiteers getting rich, while working men and women foot the bill ‘ assuming their job is not the one we chase away to China.’

For over two decades, CFACT, the nonprofit Committee For a Constructive Tomorrow, has focused on constructive solutions to issues of energy, development and human rights and needs.

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