CFACT at The University Nevada Reno Organizes Holiday Litter Pick Up!

CFACT students pick up litter!

 With Christmas and the holidays around the corner students at the University of Nevada Reno decided to give back and help clean up a green space near their university. The event was organized by chapter president Patrick Shields who stated, “Being a good steward of nature means walking the walk and talking the talk. By picking this space up we are sending a message to other students about who we are and the need to come together for projects like this.” Though many students appreciated the CFACT chapter’s efforts it seemed the green groups were missing in action from this event and are generally no where to be found.

In many of CFACT’s west coast chapters the message and strategy has been to lead by example and do the work the green groups are failing to do. Whether it is cleaning parks, organizing petitions to protect private property rights, or tabling on campus to promote free market environmental practices, CFACT has stood in the gap and made a great effort to let the students know what group really cares about nature and people as well. 

CFACT Students pose for a picture after hosting a litter clean up!

As the semester comes to an end CFACT Campus is proud to say that our west coast numbers have grown and students are now starting to recognize our chapters as the authentic environmental group on campuses.