CFACT at SIUE takes a hike!

Hugh Mandrell, CFACT collegian at the University of Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, and the rest of his chapter took a nature hike on their scenic forested campus that includes natural highlights such as the American Bellflower and Milkweed. The robust hike among the luscious wooded area was conducted with the attentiveness that is necessary when it comes to the important issues surrounding forest and wildlife conservation.

Mandrell and his proud expedition.

The enthusiastic Hugh led with much dedication as his group learned about the natural campus environment and conversed with each other about the scenery few students take the time to stop and appreciate.

CFACT’s goal will always be and has always been to engage our collegians in as many nature-based activities as possible. Our SIUE chapter as well as others plan to host speakers on climate and energy policy, do more stewardship and even some more eye catching activism.