CFACT at Grand Canyon University organizes cliff jumping event!

CFACT Collegians attending Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona organized a cliff jumping and hiking event to get back to nature and celebrate the warmer weather.

CFACT Driessen Fellow Farrell Sessler organized the event at a spot in Sedona, AZ called Grasshopper Point and brought eight fellows students along.

The intent of the gathering was to get students excited about going outside and experiencing nature. Young people won’t know how to truly appreciate and protect the outdoors if they do not make good memories experiencing it.

Grasshopper Point is a swimming hole at the base of Oak Creek Canyon, and has several trails connected to it, all managed by the U.S. Forest Service. “There are three popular trails accessible from the Grasshopper Point parking lot: Allen’s Bend goes north and connects with Casner Canyon Trail. Allen’s Bend also goes south and connects with Huckaby Trail.”

While the Left preaches nothing but doom and gloom about a coming fake “climate crisis,” CFACT students will continue to have fun in nature, talking about practical things people can do to give back, such as litter clean ups, supporting responsible hunting and fishing, and more.