CFACT at CPAC: injecting facts into the environmental debate

CFACT National Field Coordinator Bob Knee greeting a prospective activist

This weekend, Orlando played host to the Conservative Political Action Conference. CPAC, as it is colloquially called, is a major opportunity for grassroots organizations such as CFACT.

CPAC gives us the rare chance to connect with both donors and activists, as well as renew our connections with our friends at places like Turning Point USA, Young Americans for Liberty, and other student groups that greatly help CFACT spread our message.

This weekend, the CFACT team was at it again!

CFACT’s National Field Coordinator Bob Knee, Chief Financial Officer Lori Rucker, CEO and Founder Craig Rucker, and loyal volunteer Jesse Wooten spent countless hours manning the booth. While there, they educated every single person who walked by, creating scores of potential activists for CFACT causes. They garnered nearly one HUNDRED sign ups on the registration sheet, sold dozens of copies of ‘Climate Hustle 2’, and generated publicity for CFACT’s breakout session.

And, of course, we brought the Green New Wheel, an educational game teaching attendees about the dangers of the Green New Deal and the benefits of free market energy policy.

CFACT’s Craig Rucker sits down to do an interview on the radio.

While the Field team was working at the exhibition booth, CFACT’s Marc Morano and our dear friend Kevin Sorbo were hard at work appearing on dozens of radio shows, with audiences in places as far away as Australia!

Mr. Sorbo appeared on Real America’s Voice, Randy Corcoran’s show on the KNUS radio network, Victory TV, CD Media, and the Conservative Commandos radio network. Marc also appeared on Randy Corcoran’s show, as well as News Talk 1110, John Frederick’s syndicated talk show, FM 94.9 ‘The Answer’, and an Australian television show! They all loyally carried on CFACT’s message of protecting the environment AND promoting a free-market economy.

The “Green New Wheel” game. Dozens of attendees played!

And finally, CFACT and our good friend Kevin Sorbo partnered with our dear friends at the Heartland Institute took on the illiberal left in a breakout session designed to promote CFACT’s blockbuster film, Climate Hustle 2.

The long-awaited sequel to Climate Hustle 1 goes into precise details about how the Left is using the climate ‘crisis’ as a Trojan horse to increase their own political power. Sorbo spoke eloquently about his experience working deep behind enemy lines (he was a conservative actor in Hollywood, after all) and how he had been one of the first victims of cancel culture. He noted how he routinely helped other actors such as the recently-cancelled Star Wars actress Gina Carano.

James Taylor of the Heartland Institute, a good friend of CFACT, passionately argued about the importance of educating the public about the lies the Left pushes about climate change.

Marc Morano and Craig Rucker spoke passionately in favor of the film, arguing that it broke the left’s stranglehold on the climate debate. The session went so well that CFACT more than doubled their video sales after the event.

L to R: CFACT President and Founder Craig Rucker, actor Kevin Sorbo, Marc Morano, and Heartland Institute President James Taylor at CFACT’s breakout session event

Overall, CPAC was a major success for our CFACT team. We sold dozens of DVDs that will likely be seen by hundreds of people, as many of our customers said they were planning on hosting watch parties at their home.

We signed up legions of new potential activists that we hope to train and mobilize in the immediate future. Our media team helped broadcast our message to whomever would hear us, and we spread that message far and wide. This success created undoubtable inertia that we will translate into unbridled success in 2021.