California State Univeristy: Students “Make America Beautiful Again” by cleaning up a park

California State CFACT putting environmental stewardship into action!

Students at the California State University decided to practice what they preach and put environmental stewardship into action by holding a park clean up. Many times the left tries to claim ownership of any type of environmental good and make it their issue. However, in between all of the banter and protest how much cleaning and stewarding of the environment do they actually do?

Anti Keystone pipeline protestors leave tons of trash at protest site.

Ryan and his friends pick up trash around the road.

California State University  CFACT President Ryan Irwin said, ” We hope to lead by example on campus and not just talk the talk about keeping our state clean, but also walk the walk.” In that spirit Ryan and his friends set out a time to clean up their local park on a weekend while also teaching sustainability and stewardship is for nature and people as well. CFACT Associate Director Graham Beduze had this to say about the event, ” Ryan and the rest of the CFACT chapter at California State University aimed to show that true conservation aims to help not only flora and fauna but also mankind as well.” “The left in its efforts to supposedly “save the earth” fail to mention that they consider mankind the enemy of nature and  want to punish progress and prosperity as the solution for saving the earth, “said Graham.

CFACT at California State observes their work.

Ryan, and his friends plan to make the park clean up a every semester event as well as continue to bring awareness to the role people have in the environment.