California Emerges As The Next Market For CFACT

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CFACT travelled out to sunny Los Angeles focused on expanding its presence on the West Coast. Collegians Coordinator Rob Harrelson, alongside conservative student activist Deepak Sahni, met with students from eight different schools throughout the week.

Visiting campuses all around the greater Los Angeles area, CFACT was determined to reinvigorate its activity in the Golden State. In a state that serves as home to some of the more progressive, centralized policies in the environmental realm, students were very excited at the prospect of having an organization that combats these notions. One student exclaimed, he “didn’t even know that there was a sound argument to challenge the Left’s claims of the environment.”

As noted throughout the country, many students have been indoctrinated through their university on the ‘evidence’ of climate change and that only through “collective action” can these issues be solved. When approached with the ideas of free-markets as a solution to expanding energy output and improving the environment, they welcomed it enthusiastically.

Over four days, CFACT visited with USC, UCLA, UC Irvine, Cal. St. Fullerton, Cal St. San Bernadino, UC Riverside, Cyprus College, and El Camino College. Each school, and its leaders, demonstrated unique angles to combatting the force of radical environmentalism on campus. Whether through the student government in fighting divestment measures, to simply getting students informed on yet another angle of how the free-market can improve society, each campus is looking forward to working with CFACT every step of the way.

The various student leaders, with the the help of Harrelson and Sahni, already began to come up with different ideas and ways to educate their fellow peers on why this issue is growing in importance.

Krista Lopez, of UC Irvine, was pleased that CFACT “takes the time to assess our campus’ individual needs when offering various resources and ideas. This helps us to reach more people and effectively combat radical environmentalism while educating people about free-market environmentalism.”

As the semester closes and a new one quickly approaches, CFACT is excited to be engaged with students throughout the Southern California area, and will continue to look to expand on the West Coast, driving the message of free-markets, property rights, and private innovation to solve our nation’s leading environmental questions.

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