Cajun CFACT at University of Louisiana Holds Leadership Workshop!

Attendees pose for picture after conference.

Cajun CFACT at the University of Louisiana Lafayette teamed up with Young Americans for Liberty and Students for Liberty to host a student leadership workshop. The idea for the one day power conference was to equip students to get involved in their university and implement liberty minded principles in their student government and other organizations.
Besides hearing from a wide range of student leaders attendees also were able to hear from Louisiana State Representative Julie Emerson and discuss issues in the state legislature that directly affected them in school as well as learn more about the legislative process.

CFACT Student Austin Lanclos gives a presentation to the workshop attendees.

ULL CFACT student Clayton Smith said, “ The conference was a great way to train up current and future student leaders and empower them with the tools needed to implement change in their school and community.” “It also served to foster a sense of community within liberty minded groups and let them know they are not alone in their pursuit.”
CFACT is dedicated to not only assisting students while in University, but also preparing them to carry the torch into the post graduate world as we’ll. CFACT Associate Director of Collegians Graham Beduze says, “ CFACT at its heart is a community organization.” “No matter what stage you are in life CFACT wants to educate and equip you with the tools to fight back against the politically correct culture and defend personal liberty.”