Advancing Climate Realism at Washington University, St. Louis


CFACT executive director Craig Rucker delivered a dose of “climate realism” to students attending a lecture on the subject of climate change at the University of Washington, St. Louis this week. The timing couldn’t have been better as Missouri, like much of the rest of the nation, was in the grip of a severe cold front — placing any discussion of “global warming” in a somewhat humourous context.

Rucker pointed out in his lecture that the Obama Administration is moving policy beyond what the science merits, and that the recent deal with China to limit CO2 emissions is a sham as the United States will be forced to lower its emissions by 2025 while China is free to continue pumping them out until 2030. “This will have the net effect of doing nothing for the environment,” noted Rucker, “while at the same time sending U.S. industries, and jobs, overseas where they will not be under serious energy contraints.”

CFACT was invited to speak at St. Louis University by a local group of the College Republicans, a number of whom expressed interest in working with the Committee to start a CFACT chapter on their campus. Rucker’s visit followed that of CFACT campus organizer Mike Fellner, who also recently visited the campus and received a warm reception. A couple students expressed interest in attending CFACT’s annual student “eco-summit,” this year set to take place in Northern Minnesota.

Look for more good things coming from CFACT in the future at Washington University!