About Us

Collegians For A Constructive Tomorrow is a national non-profit organization on the cutting edge of today’s environmental debate.

Working closely with its sister organization, the Washington, D.C.-based Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, CFACT is an independent, student-run campus group dedicated to addressing a variety of important public-interest issues.

CFACT strongly believes most consumer and environmental problems can best be met and overcome – not through excessive government regulation and bureaucracy – but rather, by better unleashing the power of the free-enterprise system and the ingenuity of science and technology. The pioneering spirit of American’s great inventors helped give us everything from modern medicine and bountiful harvests to planes, trains, and automobiles.

CFACT asserts this same bold spirit can now provide adequate supplies of food, energy, and essential resources to a growing world population, while at the same time solving such current concerns as air and water pollution, endangered species, and toxic waste disposal.

Our Activities

CFACT’s campus education program relies principally on a growing legion of collegiate activists to reach multitudes of their fellow students each year with its exciting, upbeat message. Typical campus programs include:

  • Ecology Awareness – Students trek out on educational hikes and nature walks, and roll up their sleeves for local anti-litter and other cleanup programs.
  • Field Trips – Local recycling centers, power plants, and other innovative industrial facilities are among the places where CFACT members visit and learn.
  • Lectures – Scientists, public policy experts, and free-market thinkers from near and far are brought in to discuss and debate hot environmental topics of the day.
  • Campus Outreach – To heighten student awareness and energize campus activism, CFACT members hold regular meetings, distribute Fact Sheets and newsletters, show videos, and participate in annual Earth Day events.
  • Monitoring Public Policy – Student activists participate in government meetings at the local, state, national, and even international level where important environmental issues are being deliberated.

Key Issues

  • Clean Air and Water – As pollution remains a troublesome concern in some communities, flexible and local approaches offer the best solution, and anti-pollution efforts should be reviewed to ensure they reflect sound science.
  • Saving Wildlife – To protect endangered species, policies that encourage landowner cooperation, respect private property rights, and utilize market-based incentives should be pursued wherever possible.
  • Energy – CFACT supports the expanded use of such renewable sources as solar, wind, and geothermal wherever practical, believes that domestic coal, nuclear, oil, and natural gas are essential for a stable economy, and maintains that much scientific uncertainty remains over the theory of global warming.
  • Safe Food – The careful use of agricultural chemicals, as well as food irradiation and agricultural biotechnology, is critical to ensuring a safe, healthy, and abundant global food supply.
  • Garbage Disposal – A locally-tailored combination of new landfills, voluntary recycling and source reduction, and waste-to-energy incincerators can easily manage America’s trash.
  • Government Regulation – CFACT strongly affirms that limited government, lower taxes, and industry competition not only offer consumers the highest quality goods at the lowest prices, but also spur economic growth which is the single most important factor for a healthy environment.


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