A.K.’s Report: From the Trenches Day 3

Two words: Civil Society.  One meaning: Socialism.  Day three was a day that will be now known in my political world as the day that will live in infamy.  Throughout the day, we went to six events held by groups known as the Civil Society.  All you need to know is that the vast majority of these groups are truly radical, unabashed leftists.   The worse part, they actually get to sit at the table and have a say in resolutions and drafts that will affect our lives in subtle and not so subtle ways.

“We should flesh out the idea of Mother Earth’s rights,” “We should aspire to be less economically successful” and “We must change our lifestyles to save the planet” are just a small portion of the things that came out of the mouths of these socially evolved, Marxist bootlickers.  Now some of you might say, “well duh, what did you expect being at a U.N. conference, A.K.”  But hearing person after person after person openly and unabashedly trash free-markets, capitalism, prosperity, success, and individual freedom makes you see that Socialism has not gone away and it doesn’t plan to anytime soon.

For me, it was a true wake up call.  Of course I already have the convictions I do in free-markets, capitalism, etc., but getting punched in the face with socialism gives you a “renewing your commitment to the fight” motivation.  I hope those of you who are following CFACT’s (and my own) day by day updates will feel a renewed sense of fight too, because the left is standing with both hands up, ready to throw down, at anytime.