About Us

What does CFACT stand for?

Collegians For A Constructive Tomorrow

What does CFACT do?

CFACT is a national non-profit organization that relies principally on a growing legion of collegiate activists to reach college students with a positive, upbeat message. CFACT student chapters on college campuses organize campaigns to educate their peers on issues such as global warming, clean air and water, saving wildlife, energy independence, safe food, and the effects of government regulation, among others.

CFACT holds public programs on campuses featuring speakers like John Stossel, Jonah Goldberg, Dinesh D’Souza, Dr. Roy Spencer, Lord Christopher Monckton, and Chris Horner.

Is CFACT partisan?

CFACT is a non-partisan educational foundation committed to promoting free-markets, limited government, and less regulations.

What makes CFACT different from other environmental groups I see on my campus?

CFACT strongly believes most consumer and environmental problems can best be met and overcome- not through excessive government regulation and bureaucracy- but rather, by better unleashing the power of the free-enterprise system and the ingenuity of science and technology. Most environmental groups you find on college campuses will argue that the government needs to step in and regulate everything we do in order to “save the planet.” CFACT brings a unique, refreshing take on environmental issues to campuses by presenting the scientific truth without the spin. CFACT’s message is not one you’ll hear from those other groups!

How do I start a chapter on my campus?

You can fill out the form by clicking on the “chapters” tab at the top of this page. Or you can email info@cfactcampus.org This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !

Does CFACT only focus on environmental issues?

CFACT’s focus is primarily environmental issues. CFACT also focuses on consumer issues with the belief that limited government, lower taxes, and industry competition can not only offer consumers the highest quality goods at the lowest prices, but also spurs economic growth which is the single most important factor for a healthy environment.

How can I donate to CFACT?

Please visit click here or call Development Officer Christina Wilson at (202) 429-2737 to financially support our efforts.  Your gifts are greatly appreciated.