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FSU Students Take Action And Beautify Local Park.
FSU Students Take Action And Beautify Local Park.

CFACT FSU President Alex Korberda made good on his promise to head home from CFACT’s Annual ECO-Summit and get to work making Tallahassee a better place. Besides working with other conservative groups on campus to promote positive change at Florida…

U Of Delaware: Don’t Get Spooked By The Bee-pocalypse!
U of Delaware: Don’t get spooked by the Bee-pocalypse!

Bees are dying. It's the end of the world. There will be no flowers, no food, and its' all humans' and capitalism's fault. At least that's what millennials are hearing on social media. Especially through posts like this one. In…

U Of South Carolina Gamecocks Hold CFACT Interest Meeting!
U of South Carolina Gamecocks Hold CFACT Interest Meeting!

Liberty minded students at the University of South Carolina held an interest meeting for CFACT last week for the purpose of adding another group to their arsenal of conservative clubs on campus. Many of the students were also involved in…

WATCH: Tolerant Left? Temple U Greens Curse Out CFACT, Destroy Pro-fracking Sign
WATCH: Tolerant left? Temple U greens curse out CFACT, destroy pro-fracking sign

Liberals always preach tolerance and acceptance. Unfortunately, they rarely put their words into action. One radical environmentalist at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania cursed out CFACT after stealing and destroying a pro-fracking sign from CFACT's table. He then proceeded to…

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USF Bulls Brake For Gators!

USF Bulls brake for gators!

The University of South Florida student body may have a sports rivalry with the the near by University of Florida Gators. However, when it comes to supporting free market incentives…

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Clemson Students Say Deer Lives Matter!

Clemson students say Deer Lives Matter!

In response to the numerous deer collisions happening near campus students at Clemson brought in free-market solutions to help their fellow students and deer to. By bringing in deer whistles…

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Pokemon Go & Energy

Pokemon Go and Energy   It seems just about everyone has taken to the streets with the release of the newest craze Pokemon Go. With the game being a free…

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Free Speech Matters

Why Free Speech Matters Recently reports have come to surface of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites banning or limiting the abilities of conservative personalities. Beginning with Glenn Beck…

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