Rail Trail Clean-up at West Virginia University

photoI had the pleasure of meeting with donors and supporters of CFACT in Morgantown, West Virginia over the weekend. Different student organizations on campus came out to meet us. With the student debate this week, college conservatives and libertarians were very interested to learn more about CFACT and what we do. Fracking became the main topic of discussion with plans looming to frack beneath the Monongahela River. The Monongahela River is the same river the trail we cleaned paralleled.


The Board of Park and Recreation Commissioners of Morgantown were excited to have us. Morgantown resident Ella Belling showed much appreciation for our services. “We’re glad to have you all out here doing what you’re doing” she said. As we started picking up litter by passers waved and thanked us. At first the trash wasn’t easily detectible, but after bending down for one piece of garbage you started to realize how much there really was.

Professor Robert Cochran was pleased with our activism. He had a lot of good advice and stories to share. We both affirmed that the WVU campus was capable of attracting more free market environmentalism. We would like universities to return to their rightful purpose as institutions of different competing and conflicting ideas. photo(2)