West Virginia State Board of Education hosts Collegians


Armed with stickers and signs that read, “science NOT settled,” students from Marshall University in West Virginia addressed the state board of education to stand up for science and scientific dissent. The West Virginia board allowed speakers to testify on whether or not they believed anthropogenic climate change should be taught to students statewide K-12 as fact. CFACT showed up to remind everyone that climate change is not an agreed upon science, and that there should be a more open debate including viewpoints from across the spectrum.


“It was important our voices be heard,” said Caitlin Grimes, a senior at Marshall.

“We will not be silenced under pressure of political correctness. The opposition wants to hide the truth because it does not support their opinion. There is no 97% consensus!”

unnamed“It is amazing how defensive supporters are of human caused climate change that they won’t even consider the thought of students hearing information that runs counter to their position,” said Jacob Waldman, another senior at Marshall.

“It is indoctrination at its finest. Students should be presented with both sides of the debates and allow them to come to their own opinions.”


You can weigh in with your thoughts on the state’s next generation science standards and climate change education within the next 30 days.  Information on where to file those comments can be found here:  http://wvde.state.wv.us/policies/

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