Watch: Collegians put on street theater at UN Conference in Spain

CFACT’s Collegians activists attending the United Nations climate conference in Madrid, Spain, put on a bit of street theater to point out the hypocrisy of many of the UN delegates in attendance.

You can watch the full video of that here!

While calling for red meat to be banned or strongly discouraged to save the planet, UN delegates feasted on juicy burgers from the Burger King in the middle of the food court at the UN’s official conference center.

One CFACT activist dressed as “Benny the Bull” and walked through the Burger King acting distressed that the delegates were eating all of his friends. Then, they posed a mock protest outside the food court to point out the hypocrisy.

Known as COP25 (the 25th “conference of the parties”), the UN’s climate conference features delegates from nations across the world to discuss climate and environmental policy.

The UN claims that meat-eating encourages less sustainable farming and livestock practices, and also provides an incentive for raising more and more methane producing cows, which they say is a significant contributor to catastrophic climate change.

I guess the delegates weren’t worried enough by their own claims. After all, there were plenty of vegan options!

P.S. we checked, there was no “Impossible Whopper” vegetarian burger available at the Burger King in the UN.