WATCH: CFACT tricks UGA students into eating GMO chips, but students don’t care!


GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are everywhere. In your cereal, your snacks, maybe even under your bed! Radical environmentalists would have you believe that the public is up in arms over GMOs, especially America’s youth. But is it true?

That’s what CFACT collegians at the University of Georgia put to the test earlier this school year. They purposefully mislabeled bowls of chips, putting chips containing GMOs into a bowl that said “Non-GMO,” and wanted to see how students reacted when they revealed that they had actually eaten a GMO chip.

The result: no one cared. Their reactions were so muted, in fact, that sometimes it left the host of the video, student Matt Monday, at a loss for what to do next. Rack up another liberal myth busted by CFACT collegians!

Watch the finished product below as they reveal the ugly truth to students!