CFACT at Duluth Goes to the Movies


A planet buried in garbage, a little robot, and the last sign of life: a single plant. It could be the plot to a horror movie, but instead it’s Disney. The University of Minnesota Duluth CFACT chapter started off the new semester with Wall-E.

CFACT invited new members and old alike to join in this funny, yet somewhat informative event.
UMD CFACT Chair, Ryan Lyk explained that, “while the movie offers some good advice there are other things we must consider. We do need to look after our earth, it is the only one we have and we have a responsibility to take care of it.”

Lyk continued, “On the other hand, there are people suffering because the energy policies that are in place today are all pain, no gain. We are creating more expensive “green” energy that is just making it more elusive to those who already can’t afford it, while doing virtually nothing to protect the environment.”

The movie generated a lot of discussion among club memebers.

“The event was successful in exciting the group for the upcoming semester,” said Lyk. “It is going to be a great year!”