Virginia Students Stand For Property Rights

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At the Jefferson Theater in picturesque Charlottesville, VA, an environmental group focused on limiting property rights through easement restrictions, hosted a documentary showing in an attempt to sway public opinion.

The issue at hand dealt with a proposed golf course on land owned by Donald Trump. The group was focused on blocking the project, claiming (falsely) that it violates a county easement, which allows for “seasonal outdoor recreation activity,” including golf.

The CFACT chapter at the University of Virginia took action to educate the community, and more particularly, those attending the documentary showing by handing out flyers that offered facts on this issue.

The fact sheet, accompanied with quotes from critics of the film, noted that “conservation easements are about protecting open spaces, and golf courses are compatible with this goal. The previous golf course [that was located on this property] operated under a conservation easement for years.” The fact sheet also mentioned how “commercial activity that embraces the goal of a conservation easement by maintaining recreational open spaces enhances the prosperity and environment of the entire region.”

CFACT chair Margy Eastham, following the event, said that “Although CFACT is still new to UVa, I can already see the big impact we are having on the greater Charlottesville community – helping people to get their facts straight is a large part of that.”