Virginia Hosts Phil Valentine


Alongside the College Republican club at the University of Virginia, CFACT played host to climate skeptic and famed documentary producer, Phil Valentine, this past Saturday afternoon.

Valentine’s documentary, An Inconsistent Truth, is a play-off of Al Gore’s infamous work and worked to shake the solid ground on which many believers of climate change stand.

Quite a few students showed up for the Saturday afternoon event, some of which that were unaware another side of the climate change theory existed. Following Mr. Valentine’s talk, many students were impressed and convinced by the arguments made.

Following the post-film discussion, he took pictures with students and signed copies of his DVD’s. This was the first stop on his nationwide tour to college campuses.

The event itself was not the end of the discussion, however.

Valentine asked the students at the end of the discussion to simply “challenge everything.” This notion did not sit well with one UVA professor. A Dr. Forman, the President of the university’s Environmental Sciences Organization, wrote an op-ed in the student newspaper contending that the event “is in no way beneficial to the student body, and is instead highly detrimental, due to the subject being debated: climate change.”

Forman went on to cite inconsistent science to support his claims, stressing the belief that the climate change debate is settled and should not be debated further. By doing so makes these organizations, including CFACT, “scientifically illiterate.”

The CFACT chapter is crafting a response to this published opinion.