Vanderbilt University to Raise Hunger Awareness

Students at Vanderbilt University were fired up. “It’s a matter of fairness and equality,” Julia Anderson said. “Why shouldn’t starving people be given the choice to eat GMO foods or not?”

IMG_1373 (2)Just days after fellow Collegians at the University of Georgia filmed a video highlighting students’ lack of concern over GMO’s, Vanderbilt students are ready to jump into the debate. CFACT students on campus have been discussing a plan of action for engaging their peers on the subject.

Aiming to collect several hundred signatures, Collegians were confident. “I think the vast majority of our peers will agree. Every nation has starving people, let them choose if they want to eat foods with GMO’s or not,” senior Merkle Moore said. “It’s basic liberty.”

Radical environmental groups around the world have hounded countries considering allowing GMO crops, and have even destroyed fields testing the safety of new plants. One crop, golden rice, could prevent 500,000 children from going blind each year due to malnutrition. It is incomprehensible why anyone would oppose the testing of such a miracle plant.IMG_1378

CFACT students are also intending to invite speakers to campus on the issues of private property in addition to GMO’s. “I think the issues are directly linked,” added Julia Anderson. “Both private property and being able to choose what you eat are basic tenants of freedom. It will definitely resonate with the Vanderbilt student body.”

Vanderbilt Collegians are just another spoke in the wheel of young Americans who are growing weary of liberal environmentalists attempting to tell them how to live their lives. The proposals the students came up with are in line with CFACT’s “Stop Playing Games with Hunger” campaign, which aims to educate students on the real science behind genetically modified food, and how it can be used to help feed starving people around the world.