Vanderbilt University Students Welcome Free-Market Environmental Solutions!


Students at Vanderbilt University took a break from their usual campus routine to show support for CFACT’s bird window decal initiative. Each year millions of birds are killed due to trauma caused by running into windows. Despite the gross amount of deaths the government for years continued to pass useless regulations that failed to address the issue while investing billions in solar and wind  energy, which is also a great cause of bird fatalities.  It is this hypocrisy of talking the talk on ecological conservation then failing to follow through that CFACT students turn to the free market to help fix the situation. 

Vanderbilt student Sam Wolf understood the need to act and inform his peers that there is a better place to turn when addressing todays conservation needs. “CFACT understands that it is the free market that is the best incubator for environmentally friendly practices and technology.”   Wolf also mentioned the need to engage students on the issues directly rather than through a partisan minded lens. “CFACT’s ability to reach out to students where they are on the issues rather than through political talking points will go much further when spreading the truth about climate, energy, and species preservation.” 

 Students on campus responded as Wolf expected when presented with the facts and decals. More and more students wanted decals and were excited to see CFACT taking the lead on this issue and presenting the latest info on how the free market saves animal lives. 

This event was part of CFACT’s new campaign called SOS: Save Our Species a campaign to promote the privatization of animals as a way to preserve species.  Hunting,  fishing, and animal farming create a marketing incentive to keep species alive and help balance out the ecosystem to ensure preservation of these species for years to come.