National Take a Hike Day: Vanderbilt cleans Cedars of Lebanon State Park!

Students make their way along the trail as they hunt for litter

Environmentalists across the world are calling for radical, socialist policies to solve climate change.

But what are these activists actually doing to make a difference in their environment – other than leaving tons of trash after their marches and rallies?

CFACT Collegians, on the other hand, put their money where their mouth is.

National “Take a Hike Day” is on November 17, so Collegians at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN hiked Cedars of Lebanon State Park and picked up litter as they went. They picked up enough to fill an entire trash bag!

“We had a great time again! We hiked around 7 miles at Cedars of Lebanon State Park and picked up even more trash this time,” said Grace Cancelmo, a junior at Vanderbilt. “Everyone was pretty enthusiastic about hunting for trash along the trail!”

According to the website, “Cedars of Lebanon State Park is located in Wilson County [Tennessee] and is part of the Cedars of Lebanon State Forest. The park is named for eastern red cedar trees found throughout the area. The trees reminded early American settlers of the famed Biblical cedar forests that thrived across Mount Lebanon in what is now the Mediterranean area. Cedars of Lebanon became a state park in 1955.”

CFACT is going to keep actually making a difference; not just calling for others to make sacrifices.