University of New Mexico on Global Warming: Why So Serious?

As the 2016 presidential election draws closer, students at the University of New Mexico are encountering an onslaught of liberal claims and initiatives. Collegians at UNM knew it was time to bolster their arsenal with more facts on the left’s misguided green policies.

IMG_1914Hosting CFACT’s National Field Coordinator, Adam Houser, the collegians discussed the not so serious side of global warming. Here’s a few of the ridiculous headlines that broke onto the scene last year: “Energy Department Smashes Pumpkins For Causing Climate Change” or “Climate Change is Killing Our Sex Drive…”

“People like the president say global warming is our biggest challenge,”Houser said. “But my family and I are more concerned about seriously protecting the planet as opposed to whether our Jack-O-Lantern is killing polar bears.”

Houser also brought up the corruption and inefficiency behind renewable energy. Collegians were astonished to learn that one coal plant produces almost twice as much energy as all of Britain’s 3,000 wind turbines combined.

“All we hear on campus and in the news is how we need to switch to green energy and how coal and fracking are horrible,” student Vivianne Gonzalez said. “Now I know that renewable energy isn’t nearly as efficient as everyone says it is.”

“This was one of the best groups of students I have met with this year,” Houser stated. “They were so engaged and I loved the discussion we held after my talk. It’s amazing how students open up when you provide them with the cold hard facts.”

The talk was part of CFACT’s “Keep Calm Climate Changes” campaign, which aims to bring awareness to the truth behind global warming and the fallacies of green energy policy.