University of Minnesota Learns About Mining Regulations

University of Minnesota’s CFACT, the longest running CFACT Campus program, was delighted to host attorney, grassroots activist, and energy expert Mike Franklin, partner at government affairs firm Weber Johnson. Franklin, who has decades of experience in Minnesota politics as an elected official and campaign organizer, spoke to the group about the onerous mining regulations holding America back.

UM CFACT Vice-President, Dylan Saue noted about the presentation, “He gave a great update on the mining and permitting situation here in Minnesota and how that affects the people of Minnesota and the whole country.” He elaborated further about how these regulations, which the left push for is at odds with their own claimed goals of protecting the environment, “The left’s push for electric vehicles can’t be achieved without mining… Rather than mining for copper, nickel, cobalt, etc. here in Minnesota, where the labor and environmental standards are the best in the world, they [the left] would rather import these materials from foreign nations where the standards are awful…”

CFACT stands for real environmental solutions not faux environmentalism that carries out meaningless actions that do little more than transfer wealth from the first world to the dictators of the third world. Real solutions involve cutting regulations that preempt development at home where, as Dylan poignantly pointed out, we have the cleanest and safest methods of extraction of our abundant natural resources in place. CFACT looks forward to sponsoring more speakers at universities across the country.