University of Houston Students Clean up the City

Students from the University of Houston, the third largest university in the state of Texas with 47,000 students, lead by CFACT Driessen Fellow Gadai Bulgac, set out to get at least a portion of their city looking a little better.

Tired of their local city council and mayor being unresponsive to the problem of rampant littering in the area these students, in a traditional conservative fashion, took it upon themselves to do something about it. Gadai said about the two hour event that spanned from the UH Student Union to MacGregor Park, “we want to make a positive impact on the community and set an example for others to follow.”

CFACT is proud to be training up such future leaders, young men and women who recognize a problem and understand that their personal actions can make a difference. CFACT will be hosting many more such events across the country this year helping to make the planet a better place in spite on government apathy.