University of Georgia Tells Leftist Media to Stop Politicizing Hurricane Mathew


Students at the University of Georgia sent a message today to the alarmist media’s attempt to politicize Hurricane Matthew by gathering over 200 signatures on the first round of a petition. This event was spurred by a CNN news article posted three days ago with a headline titled “Hurricane Matthew looks a lot like the future of climate change.” “Enough is enough” , say20161010_113602s UGA student Ryan Stubbs. Ryan continued, “Is it to much to ask for the media to give the victims of this tragedy at least a few days to recover before trying to
spin their situation for ideological gain?” Like Ryan, many students voiced their disgust for the lack of tact the leftist media uses to promote their climate change agenda at the expense of people’s shattered lives. The diversity of the students who participated crossed party lines, ideologies, and opinions held on the climate change issue. The alarmist are so on the edge on this issue that they are beginning to isolate their own base of supporters and are loosing any ounce of integrity in their message. This event is a part of CFACT’s ongoing campaign
Keep Calm Climate Changes.