Univeristy of Louisiana Students Gun Down Litter with Shoot and Scoop!


Students and alumni of the University of Louisiana held a shoot and scoop to show that people could have a great time shooting while also beautifying the area around it. “Most of the time it seems the media tries to portray gun owners and hunters as being against the enviornmental movement or that the two are mutually exclusive, however it is just the opposite,” says CFACT Southern Regional Director Graham Beduze. Holding events like these prove otherwise. After shooting several hundred rounds the sportsmen and women went around the area and picked up any and all trash, shell casings, and broken sporting clays around the property. By doing so this kept the area free of any contaminants or toxic material from entering the soil of the property.


Events like shoot and scoops and park cleanups help promote environmental stewardship.  As well as  help redirect environmentalism to the issues of land and water quality that actually have an effect on the way people live their lives on earth. By moving the attention to issues such as climate change less resources are used to actually improving the environment, and are instead spent on programs that push a bias political agenda. 


Events like these continue to chip away at the credibility of the greens and further reveal the hypocrisy of the radical environmental movement. While they continue to incite riots and fight energy jobs, CFACT will continue to clean up the environment and make this planet a better place for people and animals too.